Child Sponsorship

For $50 per month* you can change the life of a child from poverty and hopelessness to full of dreams and the provision they long for. Child sponsors often become important roles in our children’s lives in a fulfilling and encouraging relationship. It means so much to them to know they have someone who is praying for them and believing God for their destinies and futures. Many of them do not have a father or a mother and develop significant relationships with their sponsors. Some sponsors may even choose to visit their child to further that relationship. As a child sponsor, you will be providing a child with:

  • Quality Christian Education
  • School Uniforms
  • School Shoes
  • Book Bag and School Supplies
  • Medical Care
  • Two nutritious meals every school day
  • Christian Discipleship
  • Bible Teaching
  • Opportunities for Art and Music Education
  • Counseling when needed

My Father’s House Sponsorship Team is committed to providing all of our sponsors with:

  1. A photo and background information on your sponsored child
  2. An info sheet about sponsorship
  3. At least once per year correspondence in the form of either a letter or drawing from your child
  4. A quarterly e-newsletter with updates on the progress of our school and sponsorship programs

Teacher Sponsorship

Our teacher sponsorship program is also a great way to have a friendship with someone from across the world. When you sponsor a teacher, you will receive a photo with that teacher’s name and background information as well as what age group they are teaching in school. For $50 per month*, you can sponsor a teacher with a portion of their salary for the month.

In addition, we encourage you to pray for your teacher, write encouraging letters to him/her, and send them a photo of you or your family. We believe this program will be such an encouragement to our staff, and they will be delighted to have a friend from across the ocean. This program is also in support of our children because without teachers, children cannot be educated.

One-time Gifts

Make a one-time gift in any amount with PayPal or any credit card. All one-time gifts will support our current projects in Uganda. One-time gifts may go directly towards the cost of our services and projects in Uganda spreading the gospel and meeting the needs of the poor, as well as towards our very small administrative costs. We want you to know that we are grateful for your gift and will steward it with wisdom and by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Our Board of Directors is committed to accountability and good stewardship of Kingdom finances. Thank you for joining us in serving the poor by giving to those in need, the least of these. May you be blessed in knowing that you are ministering the love of God through your finances to someone who needs His provision, and may God bless you for blessing His own children, the precious treasures and royalty of His Kingdom.

*My Father’s House is a 501c3 charitable organization and all donations are tax deductible.

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