When we find something we really enjoy, we usually want to share it with others. That is our heart too when it comes to the goodness of the Lord. “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” Evangelism is one of our core values at My Father’s House. We believe that everyone needs a relationship with Love Himself. We have taken teams of visitors, as well as our own children, and ventured into the darkness to shine His light. We long to be His hands, His feet, and His heart to a lost and dying world.

Slum Outreach

Bringing His light into slums where we find malnourished children, vulnerable women, people often addicted to alcohol, and living in abject poverty, we share with them the love of Jesus Christ and give away food, clothing, and Bibles in local languages. Our goal is to simply love and as a result, many have come to salvation in the slums of Kampala. We introduce new believers to their area churches and encourage them to attend and grow in their Faith and relationship with Christ.

Children’s Hospitals

We are blessed to bring hope, joy, healing, and salvation through the wards of the children’s hospitals in Kampala. We give away clothing, beanie babies, Bibles, and lots of love and prayers. A parent is required to stay with the child 24 hours while they are in the hospital so we have seen many children as well as parents come to know Christ.

Our Village

Filled with witchcraft and polygamist Islam, the gospel of Jesus Christ is burning through our local community of Busega. Some of our evangelism has been through visiting the homes of the children in our school and ministering to families the love and truth of the Gospel.  We also hold events such as concerts, movie nights, or evangelistic conferences which focus on bringing the Good News to our villagers.

Bible Distribution

We are blessed to be a link in the chain that enables Bible Distribution of Bibles in local languages. We distribute Bibles locally during our outreaches to many who have been very touched to finally receive their own Bible. We give Bibles in local languages to ensure that the reader will understand and apply the teachings to his or her lifestyle. It is our joy and eternal reward to give away God’s word which never returns void.