Music and dance, together as one, is a thread woven through nearly every aspect of our culture in Uganda. It is a celebratory form of Praise to God, a cry of worship of a desperate and needy people, a tool in raising children, passing on legacies, aiding in trauma therapy, bonding groups in society, and much more.

For the children of Royal Hope Academy, music has been a therapy that has brought joy into their lives and healing into their hearts. Through their songs of worship and dance, they have had radical encounters with the Presence of God that has brought them to salvation, healing, and deliverance. Not only are they ministered to, but they minister the Presence of God to anyone who comes near and participates in their Heavenly worship and joyful praise. Royal Hope Choir ministers every week at our school’s Friday church services, and the 400 children of our school are often deeply touched by the love of God. Full of beautiful melodies, tribal dancing, and exotic rhythms of african drums, these children showcase the obvious talent woven into the DNA of Africa and bring glory to their Father, the King of Kings.

We have had many visitors both African and American who have come and witnessed first hand the beauty of our children’s God-given talents. Still we believe the world needs to see just how precious they are! Royal Hope Choir is planning a tour to the U.S. to perform in churches, universities, schools, and other venues in hopes of highlighting the culture of Africa and the plight of the African child. We hope to create this awareness while raising funds for the vulnerable in our community. These funds will help us to purchase land and create better facilities for our children’s homes and our school in addition to developing new projects that benefit families, vulnerable women, and children. We believe these concerts will minister the Spirit and love of God to those who attend, educate them on African issues, and certainly bless them with the sweet sights and sounds of the beautiful children of Uganda.

Please contact us at if you would like the choir to visit you in your area.

In 2009, Rebecca and Royal Hope Choir recorded an album of African praise and worship. Purchase a copy and fill your home or car with African rhythms, languages, and melodies. All proceeds will directly benefit the children of My Father’s House.