Royal Hope Academy exists to educate orphaned and vulnerable children by providing free quality Christian education. We also exist to bring these children into the Father’s love through the knowledge of Jesus Christ. As our students come to know and receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior, they are transformed by the Spirit of adoption from orphans into sons and daughters of the King of Kings with a secure HOPE for their future. Royal Hope exists to encourage students into a depth of relationship with God, excellent academics, and their God-ordained destinies.


My Father’s House began Royal Hope Academy in February of 2009 after recognizing a need in our village, Busega, for education for orphaned and vulnerable children. Along with our homes, it is currently our primary project.

During Rebecca’s first visits to Uganda, she would often walk down the dirt road in Busega and see children dressed well in nice school uniforms excited to receive an education playing on the left hand side of the road, while on the right side of the road, children were digging in the trash in hopes of finding scraps to eat or metal to sell in hopes of getting a few coins. As she travelled throughout Uganda, the first request from every child whether they lived in the slums, IDP camps, or simply poor communities was for education and school fees. With the help of Ugandan friends, Rebecca began Royal Hope Academy in hopes of helping needy children in her community by providing education and a safe haven to learn about the love of Jesus. With just a few hundred dollars and a lot of faith, a very “african” structure was built out of timbers and papyrus roofing. A pit latrine was also constructed. Thirty students came on our first day, and we had 3 teachers on staff. The first year was spent on the african church’s dirt floor creating mud with our tears crying out for God’s provision and grace for our new project. Our tiny structure quickly filled up with 250 children and more teachers were hired.

Right next door to our school was a local church building we were blessed to use every day for lunch hour prayers and every Friday for two hour church services. In 2010, God’s Presence began to flood our church services. Tiny children raised their hands to God in abandoned worship, teenagers cried tears of desperation for the Spirit of the Living God, and our teachers led them in songs of worship and Biblical teaching. While our church services were thriving, our school structure began to crumble. We were threatened to be closed down by the government if we didn’t improve it and our classes were often flooded during the rains. We knew we needed to move off the tiny land we were on and build a better structure.

God also began sending us our first teams through a partner organization called Visiting Orphans. We had three teams visit us in 2010. The fruit of these visits was evident as visitors began contacting us on how to get involved and invited Rebecca to share at their churches. Some of them even sponsored our children.

By the end of 2010, we had a plan to build a new structure and signed a lease for a much more spacious land. The land was conveniently located very close to the church building which we continue to use. During December and January, Royal Hope was relocated to this new land, and we completed a 10 classroom school building along with eight pit latrines and a kitchen. Today Royal Hope is educating 400 orphaned or very vulnerable children.

We continue to see God move in mighty ways in our church services, where literally hundreds of Muslim children have come to salvation in Jesus Christ and know the love of the Father. Many have been healed of diseases and delivered of demonic strongholds. So many both Muslim and those who knew Christ, have come to know the Father’s Love and have had their hearts healed and transformed through forgiveness and God Encounters. We are believing God for a generation of healed leaders, sons and daughters who know their identities and destinies, and have the faith and confidence to step into the reality of their dreams fulfilled.

Royal Hope students also take an offering every Friday and are using it for one student-created project per term that blesses someone in need in the community who is not affiliated with the school. They have chosen to feed street children, bless a pastor, and give an offering to a new believer who was once a Muslim.

Royal Hope Academy is an educational institution licensed by the ministry of education and a registered company limited by guarantee with the Kampala City Council. We are so blessed to be giving children education, who would otherwise go uneducated and struggle in and out of school due to lack of school fees. We know we are giving them a future they would otherwise not have. We are encouraging them towards their destinies on a foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ and excellent academics.

Teacher Credentials

All of our teachers are either certified teachers under Uganda’s Ministry of Education after completing Teacher’s Training College or have a Masters Degree in Education, which allows them to teach. Sponsor a teacher today.

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