We recently purchased 8 acres of beautiful jungle farmland deep in the village of Mukono. Partnering with an established ministry there, we hope to develop this land into a farm that can grow crops that will become the food supply for our school and homes. We believe this will increase our sustainability and will reduce our monthly cost of food. In addition, we plan to use this land to raise chickens in order to sell eggs and raise livestock. We believe this will be a great income generating project that will contribute towards making our projects self-sustainable.

Recording Studio

We are excited to launch a recording studio where live instruments and vocalists can be recorded. Music is a powerful medium of communication in Uganda and we know our recording music will be a blessing to Uganda and to other nations.

US Choir Tour

We are planning and dreaming about taking our children on a four-month U.S. tour in hopes of spreading awareness and raising funds to purchase land for our school, Royal Hope Academy.