My Father’s House is partnering with needy mothers and widows who are using their creativity to overcome their poverty. By consistently supporting their businesses each month by purchasing their crafts, we are giving them an income that is empowering them to feed, educate and house their children. Using their own gifts and talents to break the cycle of poverty and provide for their children is giving them DIGNITY. We believe those who purchase, wear, or give their designs as gifts will also receive DIGNITY in knowing that they are making a socially conscious purchase and supporting a good cause. All of the profits from our sales go to support our school and homes, as well as to continue to support these women.

Welcome to creative socially conscious fashion! Welcome to DIGNITY Designs.

Some of the designs include handmade jewelry and accessories made from magazine and recycled paper as well as journals, photo albums, frames, and cards crafted from handmade paper made out of pineapple tops, banana fibers, elephant grass, and recycled papers. Your purchase is changing the lives of mothers and children in need.

Please contact us at if you are interested in hosting a home jewelry/craft party.

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