We believe that every child should know the love of their Father God who desires to care for them in every way meeting their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. Father God longs for His children to be brought “home” to His heart. Through a supernatural vision, God asked Rebecca to “bring My lost children home” in 2008. Honoring what God has placed into our heart as a ministry, many of the 400 children attending our school are coming home spiritually by receiving Christ and coming to know the love of the Father God.

Additionally, we are also bringing children “home” physically who would otherwise not have a family that can care for them or love them. Some of the children in our homes were total orphans with no one to care for them and some were abandoned, abused, or neglected. However, they are now sons and daughters in a family that loves them. We no longer call them orphans. Our heart is NOT institutional orphanages but truly placing children into small group families in the spirit of adoption. The parents of our children know their names, the sound of their voices, laughter, and cries, their favorite colors, birthdays (though sometimes made up), care about the states of their young tender hearts, and love them as if they were their own children.

The children in our homes have every physical need met including nutritious delicious meals and drinks, clothing, daily vitamins, medical and dental care, a clean and healthy environment, family outings, loving Godly discipline, individual birthday parties, holiday celebrations, education, counsel, spiritual discipleship, church attendance, prayer and worship, and Bible memorization. In summary, our homes are homes just like yours and our families are families like yours. They are true families who love each other, celebrate together and grieve together, and they are centered around the love of the Lord.

We currently have two homes in Busega, the community in which Royal Hope Academy is located. All of the children attend Royal Hope Academy Nursery and Primary School or a nearby secondary school we have partnered with.