Many of the children who attend Royal Hope Academy live in very poor conditions and have guardians who struggle to meet their basic needs. Some are total orphans, and some are being raised by a single mother who is struggling to provide for often many children. Perhaps she is caring for her own children plus the children of her sister who has passed away. In an effort to bring hope and dignity to these women as well as keep families together, we help to empower these families. Depending on the need and the urgency of the situation, we may help a woman to start a business by giving her the start up cost and following her progress. This is the ideal situation as it empowers a woman to be able to care for her children on her own. However, we have found times of very desperate and urgent need. In these situations, we have given food assistance to families purchasing bags of beans and local staple foods, renting houses temporarily, or helping a mother pay a medical bill for her child or herself.