Since 2009, Your support has enabled Royal Hope Academy to serve hundreds of the world’s neediest children in the heart of a slum community in Kampala, Uganda.  Providing free education and a safe haven, the school has been a source of God’s light, mercy, and hope to children who were once in bondage to the perils of street life and poverty.

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Now the Ugandan government is requiring us to build a new building in order to meet government codes! It is mandatory that we begin this project by the end of 2018 and finish it by the end of 2019!  We need $250,000 for all phases of the project and $100,000 by the end of 2018 in order to begin Phase 1! Though we gladly receive any amount, we are inviting you to give a sacrificial gift of at least $500!  Click here to MAKE A PLEDGE for 2018 AND 2019, or GIVE NOW through the button below!

Rendered Drawing of our NEW SCHOOL BUILDING plansBuildingHeader

We cannot wait to see this building completed!  God has miraculously provided us with land in our community, the government has approved our building plans and now 


Our FORTUNE 500 Campaign is an initiative to raise the $250,000 needed to enable us to complete this building project.  We have a deadline to begin building by the end of 2018, or our children will be at risk of being back on the streets of Kampala.

In order to raise the necessary funds for this building, we need your help!  We are looking for 500 gifts of $500 to cover the entire building cost of $250,000.

We would love to invite you to make a pledge of at least $500. Some individuals and groups may be able to pledge one $500 gift, while others can pledge several.  To meet our initial deadline, we need at least 200 gifts of $500 this year. We will need an additional 300 gifts of $500 by the end of 2019 to complete Phases 2 and 3!  You can make a pledge for your giving for 2018 and 2019 by filling out the pledge form here!

We can’t wait to see this project completed! Our new building will have a hall for worship, assembly, and dining, classrooms for every class, office space, a medical clinic, a playground, a safe kitchen, and more!

This need is very urgent.  Please pray about how the Lord may lead you to give so that we can continue ministering the Father Heart of God to the precious children of Uganda!  You may give by check and send to our PO Box or here on our website!


My Father’s House Mission.  PO Box 1443.  Franklin, TN 37065