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500 Hope Builders

who will commit to pledge to give a total of $500 or more by the end of 2018!


Since 2009, Royal Hope Academy has served over 400 of the world’s neediest and most vulnerable children with quality Christian education, daily meals, uniforms, school supplies, medical care, Christian discipleship, and a lot of love. Earlier this year, the Ugandan government came to our school grounds and informed us that our property was no longer able to be used for our educational purposes. They threatened to demolish our buildings and close down our school. We asked for a grace period to look for another piece of land where we could build permanent brick structures which they also said we urgently needed. Although they did not agree to a grace period, they have not come to close the school. God quickly brought provision and within 3 months nearly $100,000 came in to purchase a piece of property in our community where we plan to build a new school building that will be able to serve our same children and families. In order to build this building, we still need $200,000 that will enable us to complete the project and continue our program.

However, in the midst of an urgent need, we are so excited that the Lord is actually using this obstacle to take us from glory to glory! We have always believed for the Lord’s provision to purchase and own our own land instead of our current leasing agreement and to build a permanent building for our children! We are very excited about the new building that will give our teachers and children a place to teach and study and worship in dignity and safety.

Below are some initial diagrams of the building plans! The new school building will have a worship assembly and dining hall, classrooms for every class, plenty of office space, a medical clinic, a playground area, a safe kitchen for our children and cooks, plenty of bathrooms and latrines, and much more! We are so excited about seeing this project completed! The need is urgent! Please pray about how the Lord may lead you to give so that we can continue ministering the Father Heart of God to the precious treasures of Uganda.

To give, checks can be made payable to:
My Father’s House Missions
PO Box 1443
Franklin, TN 37065
Please memo: Building Project

Online donations can be made here.

Download the Building Plans