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My Father's House is seeking volunteers and interns for 2017! Come join an exciting team that is changing the world and get hands on experience working with an international non-profit organization.

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Sponsor a Child

For $35 per month you can change the life of a child from poverty and hopelessness to full of dreams and the provision they long for.

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Creating Homes

Every child should know the love of their Father God who desires to care for them in every way. My Father’s House brings children into small group families in the spirit of adoption centered around the love of Jesus.

Royal Hope Academy

Royal Hope Academy

Royal Hope Academy helps Ugandan children by providing free, quality education and a safe haven to learn about the love of Jesus. Royal Hope exists to encourage students into a depth of relationship with God, excellent academics, and their God-ordained destinies.

Dignity Designs

My Father’s House partners with needy mothers and widows who are using their creativity to overcome their poverty. Dignity Designs purchases their crafts to break the cycle of poverty give them DIGNITY.